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Since 1999, we have specialized in loading and shipping vehicles - both in containers and by roll-on/roll-off systems. These shipments include; cars, trucks, trailers, boats and any type of rolling or oversize units. In recent years, ExportTrader has become the leading North American forwarder by providing all inclusive services.


Our services

  • Pick-up of vehicles from any inland location in the United States or Canada and delivery to exit ports by our own internal dispatch department;
  • Loading and shipping from major ports: NY/NJ, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, Norfolk, Jacksonville in the USA, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax & Vancouver in Canada;
  • Full, upfront disclosure of all rates and fees - nothing is hidden;
  • Preparing of customs export title clearance, Shipper's Export Declaration, Dock Receipt and Bill of Lading for each vehicle;
  • Customer service at the highest standard, each stage of a vehicle’s movement can be traced by clients on our custom web based customer management program. A login is provided upon confirmation of shipping.


Rates From U.S./Canada

Use our web-based transport calculator to determine approximate land transport prices from popular locations in the United States and approximate ocean transportation prices to popular destination ports...